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Did you receive your invitation? Tianyan invites you to Chengdu

Did you receive your invitation? Tianyan invites you to Chengdu

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ShenzhenTianyanElectronicswillmeetyouatthe74thChinaEducationEquipmentExhibitionYouhavetorememberourbooth Hall7B010    ChinaWesternInternationalExpoCityTrafficGuide(No.88,EastSectionofFuzhouRoad,Tianfu

Shenzhen Tianyan Electronics will meet you at the 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition


You have to remember our booth

 Hall 7 B010

      China Western International Expo City Traffic Guide (No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province)

1 Tianfu Square - Renmin South Road - Tianfu Avenue - Xiamen Road - Western China International Expo City
2 Shuangliu Airport-Airport Expressway--First Ring Expressway-Jiannan Avenue-Lushan Avenue-Tianfu Avenue-Xiamen Road-West China International Expo City
Optional subway line:
There are 4 subway lines (1, 6, 18, 19) around the Western China International Expo City.
Optional bus:
1 Take Metro Line 1 (Guangdu direction) to Huafu Avenue Station, transfer to T1 bus and get off at Tianfu New District Customs Station.
2 Take Metro Line 1 (Guangdu direction) to Sihe Station, transfer to T6 bus and get off at West Expo City.
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