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The 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

The 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

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The China Education Equipment Exhibition will fully display the teaching equipment, teaching aids, models, computers, teaching software, digital experimental systems, physical and aesthetic equipment, information technology products, teaching books, wall charts, education and teaching required for all types of education. Resource materials, school sports equipment, school logistics equipment, safe campus equipment, school-run industrial products, etc., embody the concept of “big equipment” covering all aspects of educational equipment, demonstrating the development of educational informationization and the development of informationization of educational equipment products. The latest results. Since the launch of the China Education Equipment Exhibition, the international influence has been increasing day by day. It has greatly improved its openness and internationalization. It has attracted many famous high-tech companies from home and abroad to enter the educational equipment industry and gradually become a platform for international exchange and cooperation in educational equipment. Actively promote the window of science and education instruments in China.
  Shenzhen Tianyan Electronics Co., Ltd., as a member of the Standing Committee of China Education Equipment Industry Association, will be led by Chairman Hu Hong to bring the Tianyan and Yuming brand calculators to the exhibition. Showcase the various models, functions and explanation calculators that mainly present their brand calculators to bring more convenience to students.

 Exhibition hall

Pazhou International Exhibition Center is located in Chizhou Island, Chigang. Pazhou has a land area of 9.66 square kilometers and is adjacent to the Pearl River in the north. It is adjacent to important urban development areas such as Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Chigang Consulate District and Changzhou Cultural Tourism Scenic Area.
   Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is about 570 meters walk to (Airport South Station Subway Station) Subway Line 3 North Extension → Sports West Road Station (transfer) Subway Line 3, → Kecun Station (transfer) Subway Line 8, → Xingang East Station Exit (Convention Center Area A) or Pazhou Station (Convention Center Area B or C).



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The 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition will mainly showcase the educational equipment needed for education and teaching at all levels, carry out network synchronization display and information push, and hold educational equipment new products, new technologies and new results conferences as the main content, focusing on the exhibition. E-education equipment, classroom education resources, maker education, robotics, VR technology, campus network system construction, information center construction, digital campus application service platform construction, e-book bag, campus security network monitoring system, data mining analysis system, etc.