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Our products sell very well.

As far as the bluetooth speakers are concerned, their annual sales revenue in just Japanese market surpasses over 30 million RMB, and 0.1 billion in whole global market.

So, our business cooperation will be promising and fruitful.

If you cooperate with us in the future, you can get these following advantages:

1)Keeping up with the space of the market trend.

2)High quality.( very stable and superior quality, and the performance or parameters are outstanding.)

3)Competitive price.

4)Fast delivery and lead time, because we have extensive network with many shipping forwarders, and can get some shipping charge discounts.

5)Very stable supply chain: we have long term business schedule, so, our supply chain is very stable.

6)Discounts for bulk wholesale order, if you become our long term business partner, you will get some good sales discounts from our company.

7)Saving you a lot of time and energy, money to look for, eliminate, choose and change suppliers very frequently, and saving you logistics expenses accordingly too.

Since that you want your business to expand further, it is important for you to find a reliable and stable business partner.

So, why not go for “Tianyan Electronics”?




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