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  • Name: TY-190ES (White) scientific calculator for school kids
  • Model: TY-190ES (White)
  • Release: 2016-04-20
  • Views : 21

Features: small and conveniently portable, nice, comfortable key-pressing, super thin body, colorful

Main functions:

1)10-digit four arithmetic calculations; percentages calculations; circumferenc ratio calculations; square calculations;
2)conversions between improper fractions and mixed numbers; conversion between decimals and percentages;
3)hours, minutes, seconds input and conversion; time calculations;
4)fractions-reduction(simplication) calculations; evaluate reciprocals; division with remainder;
5)full dot matrix display; quickly flip and view up and down / forward or backward;
6)multi-step reproduction; the displaying format accords with the writing format;
7)modifying, inserting, deleting, fix-point numeration,
8)24-hour time settings, timer;
9)the settings for the date from 2001 to 2099;
10)questions bank, answers; the clear key;
11)super hard protection cover;
12)silica gel keys;
13)manual or auto power off

Weight:110g(battery included); 


Power consumption:0.003W;

Power:2 AAA batteries(NO.7/SUM-4);

Battery life:about 1 year(averagely used for one hour per day);

Operating temperature:0℃-40℃,

This calculator is suitable for primary school students, complying with the national and industry standards: JY/T0382-2013

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